March 1, 2021

Are you controlling idleness in your concrete company?

Are you controlling idleness in your concrete company?How a single truck can burn your money without you knowing it.

Understand about Idle inside your Plant and avoid unnecessary expenses in your company.Idle in Plant  is the Engine time inside the plant.

That is, the time when it is burning fuel and literally wasting money for no reason and without giving you financial return.Ideally, a truck should have a maximum of 30 minutes of Idle in Plant (Loading, visual inspection and washing).

But in my 15 years of experience in the concrete market, I have met companies that stay more than 1 hour with their trucks on for no reason.Let's make a basic calculation to show you this data: a concrete truck consumes an average of 4 to 8 liters of fuel per hour, that is, approximately 1 liter every 10 minutes, correct?So, if a single truck makes about 70 trips per month, with an extra 30 minutes idle at the plant, it is burning more than 2500 liters of fuel a year.That is, a small fleet of 15 trucks would be wasting almost 38,000 liters of fuel a year unnecessarily.Now I ask you: How much does a liter of fuel cost in your company?

Jun 29, 2021

The importance of on time deliveries of readymix concrete

The deliveries of readymix concrete is a complex process, and the customer satisfaction is the most important factor that contributes to the success or failure of your business. And it has been stated in recent researches that on time dreadymix concrete eliveries is a key factor to make them of good quality.
Mar 1, 2021

The importance of the Delivery Cycle to keep your concrete company competitive in the market .

Delivery cycle is the total time required to load the truck, go to the customer,pour and return. Controlling the numbers of this cycle is an extremelyimportant factor to keep your concrete company competitive in the market.
Mar 1, 2021

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